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Science and technology should to serve community.By using the production-study-research combination model, it will not only better promote social and economic development, but also can provide the wider space for the innovation and development of higher educated school. As a world-class university, especially for a university of science and technology, the transformation of scientific research achievements is the goal of HKUST, and it also is an important mission of For Ying Tung Research Institute.

In the December of 2013, the school board of HKUST officially established FYTRI as “The core platform for science and technology transformation of HKUST in the Chinese Mainland”, and FYTRI will coordinate HKUST’s science and technology transformation work in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and Yuhang,etc, also it will provide all the teachers and students in the HKUST with science and technology transformation support and service, so that to develop the effect further of FYTRI’s “Guangdong, Hong Kong science and technology, talents, educational innovation cooperation platform”. 

HKUST Shenzhen Research Institute

Foshan HKUST LED-FPD Engineering technology research and Development Center

Zhejiang HKUST Advanced Manufacturing Institute 

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