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一、Hong Kong University Science & Technology in Nansha


HKUST FYTRI is located in the Nansha Information Technology Park. Surrounded by green mountains and the blue sea, covers about 36,000 square meters, with about 31,500 square meters occupied by the office building’s GFA. The main building is divided into the technology building and the administration building. In the technology building, there are several dry research laboratories for electronics, information technology, and physics, as well as several wet research laboratories for chemistry, biology, biochemistry, bioscience, material, chemical engineering, and environmental engineering. The Administration Building has a library, lecture halls, classrooms, computer rooms, offices, and aiding facilities.


         The building of

"Red bird" of HKUST

Nansha Information Technology Park

二、Environment of R & D Divisions

HKUST FYTRI is equipped with a complete experimental sites, as well as with the international leading level of high-end experimental equipment and equipment. The overall promotion of the software and hardware configuration for innovative research and development to create a more favorable conditions.

Laboratory of CPPS 


Laboratory of CEMAR 

Laboratory of BERC 


Office of DLRC


三、Science and Technology Exhibition Hall

HKUST FYTRI Science and Technology Exhibition Hall(Show Room)

HKUST FYTRI Science and Technology Exhibition Hall(Show Room)


四、Conference Room & Lecture Room



Conference Room


Lecture Room



五、Staff Rest Area

  Staff Area


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